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Welcome to Heel-O-Matic, your home for the most comprehensive selection of team roping practice products available today. If you’ve been looking for the perfect roping dummy, your search is over. Our roping practice machines have been designed, constructed and tested to guarantee you the best training tool available.

Investing in a roping machine is a big decision. You need to research the features, explore the benefits and select the machine that will provide a return on your investment. Whether you want to improve your skills, train horses, maximize your time, reduce your live cattle expenses, or just enjoy more trips to the pay window, Heel-O-Matic has a product to help you reach your team roping goals.

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Heelomatica Review by Clay O’Brian Cooper, 7 Time World Champion

"Heel-O-Matic is the essential tool for anyone who ropes."

Clay O’Brian Cooper, 7 Time World Champion