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Roping Dummy Products: You're Ready for Perfect Practice

Roping Dummy Home

Welcome to Heel-O-Matic, your home for the most comprehensive selection of team roping practice products available today. If you’ve been looking for the perfect roping dummy, your search is over. Our roping practice machines have been designed, constructed and tested to guarantee you the best training tool available.

Investing in a roping machine is a big decision. You need to research the features, explore the benefits and select the machine that will provide a return on your investment. Whether you want to improve your skills, train horses, maximize your time, reduce your live cattle expenses, or just enjoy more trips to the pay window, Heel-O-Matic has a product to help you reach your team roping goals.

Heel-O-Matic started in 1985 with a single practice machine for heelers. But we didn’t stop there. We now offer a complete line of team roping practice machines and dummies for headers, heelers and rope horse trainers. Our product development team works constantly to research new products and concepts for the best team roping practice products, and strives to apply the latest technologies to our existing line. We also work with World Champion Team Ropers to develop training tools and drills to maximize your Perfect Practice.

Heel-O-Matic roping dummies are designed to replicate live cattle run patterns that will allow you to focus on specific practice points as well as providing a controlled environment for horse training. Take it as slow as you want when starting out, then move up to full speed as you and your horse progress. Do you have a youngster that wants to rope? Heel-O-Matic provides the perfect, safe environment to let them hone their skills before moving to live cattle.

Improve your Swing, Accuracy, Timing, Delivery, Dally, Rate and Position. Best of all, our roping machines can be used anywhere, anytime. No need for a full scale roping arena, or a crew for live cattle. Welcome to Heel-O-Matic: your home for Perfect Practice.