Tips for Improving Your Roping Skills

Posted by Heel-O-Matic on Oct 6th 2017

Tips for Improving Your Roping Skills

Team roping is a challenging event. It’s a sport that not only requires hours of practice and high-quality experience, but it requires a roper to be so conscious of their body that they know when they need to correct a stance, switch out weights, or throw at a different angle.

If you’re just getting started in the sport, or you’re constantly looking for ways to improve your skills, this is a blog that you’re going to want to save! The team at Heel-O-Matic has created a list of things that you can do that will help you become a better roper. Check them out!

Practice, Practice, Practice

There’s no way we can say it enough, practice will improve the comfort that you have with the process of roping and the overall feel that you get when roping. The more that you practice the more familiar you’ll be when you are trying to complete a throw. When you step up to throw a rope, you are able to analyze the situation and determine what is going to be best when following through.

Do you need to change the weight of the rope that you’re using? Are your feet grounded? How does your wrist feel? What are you aiming for?

These and so many other questions are going to be crucial when trying to throw your rope and getting the target that you’re aiming for.

Realistic Scenarios

Practicing on your own is easy if you are easy on yourself. One of the biggest tips that we can give you is to practice scenarios that you’ll really come across when in a competition. Aside from using ropes that are the accurate weight of what you’ll use in a competition, you’ll want to practice with realistic scenarios. One of the best ways to do this, when you don’t have the ability to practice with a cow will be practicing with one of the Heel-O-Matic dummies.

Regardless of if you’re looking to practice without actually riding your horse, or you want to practice while on the ground, Heel-O-Matic makes various roping practice dummies for you to use in order to improve your skills.

Try New Things

One of the best ways to better understand your body and how it reacts to different scenarios is to try new things. Try different methods of practice, explore different types of apparel and equipment, and work on different techniques to throw the rope and get it to where you’d like. Ultimately, trying new things will be something that you appreciate down the road and that you’ll be thankful that you did. This is also how you’ll determine what types of things work best for you and ultimately become a better roper.

Gauge Throws

There’s no doubt about it, some throws we simply get lucky with. However, a majority of the time that people are throwing a rope there needs to be some sort of precision. The more that one practices, the stronger their gauge will become. This skill will help a roper understand how hard they need to throw the rope in order for it to a certain distance, if there is a certain angle that will make the process easier, and which weight is going to be the best for varying distances.

Each of these things is something that you’ll wind up having to take into consideration, so one of the best things that you could do is start to get a better feel for what circumstances you’ll have to work with.

Being an incredible roper is something that requires time and perseverance. We hope that you will become everything you dream of being and more, but understand that there is a growth process that will require you to dust yourself off and try again. This is definitely a sport for those with patience.

Heel-O-Matic is excited to stand alongside you throughout your journey. Our products are designed with all age groups and experience levels in mind, so without even having to take your years of roping into consideration, you can confidently know that any of our roping dummies will be a fantastic tool for you. Check out the large selection of practice dummies that we have and place your order online today.