How do I put my Ultimate Ground-Driven Trainer together?


What is my machine’s tire pressure supposed to be at?

It depends on your arena soil and the climate, but we suggest keeping your tire pressure between 15-20 PSI.


Can I convert my machine to a Ground-Driven?

The Ground-Driven Trainer has a specially designed frame to accommodate the belt system. A non-ground-driven machine cannot be converted.


Can I put a motor on my Ground-Driven machine and rope it stationary?

Currently there is not a conversion motor available that can be attached to the Ground-Driven Trainer.


How can I make my Ground-Driven like a Sled?

Release the tension of the belt on your three stage pulley and remove the belt from the pulley, this allows the legs to become stationary.


Can I upgrade my older machine with features on the newer machines?

Most all of the new features can be added to your Heel-O-Matic model. Features like the Spring-Loaded Tongue are currently made for the Ultimate Ground-Driven Trainer, Ground-Driven Trainer, and Drifter machines. The new Deluxe Leg Package comes with a new dally bracket and can be added to any machine, except the Pro. Skis can be applied to any machine either welded on or mounted with a bracket.


Can I trade in my older machine for a newer model?

We do not take older models in on trade, however we have numerous customers across the country in search of used machines. Please contact our sales staff, and we would be happy to help you price and sell your current machine.


Does Heel-O-Matic have any used machines?

We do our best to connect customers that wish to sell a used machine with someone looking to purchase a used unit, although we do not carry any in our inventory.


What is the difference between Heel-O-Matic and other machines on the market?

Heel-O-Matic is the only machine on the market with the patented hopping motion. Study other machines and notice the rear legs simply move back and forth, which develops a false sense of timing compared to roping live cattle. The hips and rear legs of running steers move in a rhythmic, circular pattern. We carefully duplicated this movement to create the patented Heel-O-Matic Hop, producing the most realistic practice motion. Heel-O-Matic’s unique three-stage pulley system allows run customization by varying the hopping speed in relationship to towing speed to meet your practice needs. Our shorter frames have the best maneuverability of any roping practice machine available, resulting in tighter, more stable turns and more realistic patterning. Comparatively, a longer frame can only turn in a large arc: a physics law that live cattle rarely follow. The weight of our machines is carried on the skids, not the tires, which produces a smoother, less bouncy pull and less compaction in your arena. Our newly released Spring-Loaded Tongue provides a smooth pull that simulates a steer-like “stretch” which allows your horse time to properly stop. The new Deluxe Leg Package offers a hide-like surface that prevents rope slide.


 Can I pull the Ground-Driven Trainer with a horse?

The Ground-Driven Trainer is not designed to be pulled by a horse.


 How hard can I dally on my machine?

Our machines are designed with a dally bracket to withstand hard hits with a clean heel loop – If you rope two feet, you can dally as hard as you want to.


 Will my machine fit in a horse trailer?

When disassembled by taking the body bolt out of the square tubing and removing the body from the bottom frame, any machine can fit in most horse trailers.


How long does it take to get my machine?

Most orders shipping within the United States are filled within 72 hours and take 7-10 business days to deliver.