Heel-O-Matic Endorsement Application

Heel-O-Matic is proud to have a team of professional rodeo athletes, horsemen and women, and young up and comers who use & believe in our product.  Positions on our team are limited and we review these a couple of times per year. If you are interested in an endorsement, please fill out the application form below and we will be happy to review it, sometimes it takes several weeks or months. We add a very limited number of team members from time to time and we will contact you if we have an opportunity available. Thank you so much for choosing Heel-O-Matic. 


Heel-O-Matic Endorsee Application questions(Please copy & paste and answer thoroughly.)

1. Tell us about your experience with Heel-O-Matic Training Systems.

2. Tell us about your horse experience, history, current situation, work, competition, or awards.

3. What are your goals for this year? For the next 5-10 years?

4.  Are you sponsored by any other companies? Please list them.

5. Are you active with Social Media? List all that apply with page names.

6. Why are you interested in Heel-O-Matic Training Systems?

7. List the top 10 events you will be attending this year.

8. Why do you think you are a good fit for our sponsorship?