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"I had a ski break off my Ground-Driven Trainer. I called Heel.O.Matic and spoke to Ryan with their Sales Team. He was great to talk with and I explained the problem. He immediately got me taken care of and they got my problem solved. I own a Heating/AC Service Company in Arizona and I take Customer Service very seriously. I received above and beyond my expectations from Heel.O.Matic. They have superb Customer Service. I highly recommend them."

Rick Berg


"My name is Carmen. I am 16 years old. I have been competing in rodeo since the 7th grade. I have been breakaway roping for 3 years. Last year I was in a slump. I hadn't been catching and wanted to try something different. My friend had a NEX calf roping dummy, and every time I practiced on it I would catch. I had to have one. I was so excited when the UPS man pulled up with it. I started roping it the moment I opened the box. It help extremely. Now I am sitting 3rd in the Alabama High School Rodeo. Thank you to Heel-O-Matic for inventing something so practice worthy. I highly recommend it to anyone and everyone that ropes it. Most of my friends come to my trailer to rope it. Thanks Again!! :)"



"I am 14 years old. I live in Kelly Louisiana, and I recently won the World Championship in Breakaway and Heeling and Reserve World Championship in Steer Stopping at the 2014 AJPHA Youth World Championship Show in Fort Worth, Texas. That enabled me to win the Power Performance High-Point Saddle and $500 Scholarship, plus a High Point Western Youth Saddle. Also, I qualified for the Junior High State Finals in breakaway and team roping. I owe my success from practicing with your Heel-O-Matic sled. My dad also uses the Heel-O-Matic sled to train rope horses. I look forward to purchasing a Heel-O-Matic NEX calf roping dummy to improve my breakaway roping. Thanks for making such great Heel-O-Matic products that are easy and helpful to practice on and to learn with. I enjoy roping the Heel-O-Matic sled with my little sister and my dad. We also enjoy your articles in the Rodeo News magazine and I wish to be in it one day."

Meredith Scroggs


"I wanted to get a Nex for my daughters high school graduation, she had tried a friends and really liked it. I looked around and no one could get me one in time for graduation, I called Heel-O-matic and the person said yes they were on on back order, he hesitated for only a moment and somehow one appeared on my doorstep about 3 days later...."

Thanks for making me look good!

John Kimpton


"My roping cattle love my Heel-O-Matic and they are good students." 


Danny Cardoza
JL Ranch Running Quarter Horses


I have been roping your Ground-Driven Trainer at the college that I attended last spring as well as out at my cousin Jhett Johnson's. With a busy class schedule and limited practice cattle the heel-o-matic at the college is the only consistant practice i can rely on, and with that consistant practice the result is consistant winning. I just finished an awesome spring season by winning two college rodeos and finishing second in two others, sealing my spot in the CNFR. Thank you for making such a great practice/training tool!

Matt Schieck


"We are loving our new Heel-O-Matic.  I owned a Hot Heels previously and tried most of the machines on the market prior to deciding which one to purchase this time.  I chose the heelomatic because I thought it was a more realistic hop and the turning radius allowed for a much snappier corner.  It has far exceeded my expectations in a number of ways.  I'm getting additional practice because my wife and two daughters aren't so scared to drive for me since it trails perfectly, doesn't jerk the driver around so much and stops when you stop.  I like having the freedom of taking it to other arenas with me since it actually fits in the bed of my truck.  The video was a great bonus and the tips from Dusty Watkins helped me work through some issues with a young heel horse that I had been struggling with recently.   Thanks for going the extra mile to deliver a great product."

Craig Flanders



"We absolutely love getting emails filled with Heel-O-Matic success stories, especially when they involve youth! Below is an email from one of Heel-O-Matic's biggest fans in Missouri, Hunter Reed. Hunter met us down at the National Jr. High Finals in Gallup, NM one summer and, after purchasing a Heel-O-Matic, has had some incredible success roping.  Here is Hunter's mom testifying to the experience,

"We purchased the Heel-O-Matic approximately one year ago for our then 13 year old son Hunter.   I spoke with Logan [2011 Sales Manager] many times before ordering and did a lot of home work to be sure we purchased the best machine for Hunter.   I now am writing as Logan asked me to let him know one year later how Hunter is doing.

 Hunter has always been known as being a very, very good header. However in the last year since our purchase everyone young and old wants Hunter to heel for them. Everywhere we go people ask how he got so good on the back end in such a short period of time.  Hunter always say with HEEL-O-MATIC and PERFECT PRACTICE. Hunter has became your number#1 spokes person.  We love going to USTRC ropings and the older men come to ask him to heel for them.  THANK YOU HEEL-O-MATIC!

Thank you again !!!!"

Tammy Reed 




"Hello, my name is Pamela Berreth, I spoke to the Sales Manager about how much we enjoy and LOVE our Heel-O-Matic Pro.  I have our testimonial attached and also a couple of pics with Jeff and two of our colts now working EXTREMELY well on real cattle because of the Pro!! Pic 67 & 105 is of our young chestnut mare because of the heel-o-matic we were able to work at a pace that would not blow her mind and wow she looks good now! Pics 253-257 are of a 4yr old black gelding that because of the pro acts like a pro!!

Thank you Heel-O-Matic!!! We will be stopping by your booth in Vegas."

Pamela Berreth


"Four years ago I bought a Heel-O-Matic with the intent to rope at home everyday, this didn’t happen. So many people have arena’s here it’s hard to stay home and rope. This year I told myself I was only going to practice on my machine and wouldn’t you know it this was the best rodeo summer I have ever had. The Heel-O-Matic is great for young and old horses as everybody knows, but what I liked about it was training myself. I’ll go to a practice pen and rope 75, 80% of my steers but on the machine I rope 99% every night and that builds confidence in yourself and your ability.  Thank you for making a machine that works so well!!!"

Jeff Berreth


"In May, I went to the Northern States Invitational Team Roping in Billings, Mt and won the All-Girl Roping heeling for Deanna Steele. I only practiced heeling live cattle one time prior to the roping, but heeled the Heel-O-Matic almost every day for three weeks. It helped me with my position, timing, and getting my bottom strand on the ground. Thanks to everyone at Heel-O-Matic for helping to make my heeling more successful."

ReAnn Crane


"Our family has had so much fun roping your machines. We first bought our boys a SuperGoat to play with which they loved. During the summer of 2007 our neighbor purchased a Heel-O-Matic and invited us to rope it. It became a regular practice ritual for the boys to go over and spend hours roping the Heel-O-Matic. Recently Blaze and Brody entered their first Junior rodeo in Pine Bluffs, Wyoming. With Brody heading and Blaze heeling, they won their division and their very first team roping buckles. We never had to worry about the boys’ safety as they learned to rope. Your training system gave them a great foundation to build on and the confidence to win.

Thank you for great practice machines,

The Cress Family
Hillsdale, WY


"I sincerely appreciated the opportunity to compete at your challenge at the National Little Britches Finals.  I was fortunate to place second and receive a $500.00 scholarship.

I feel I must share my story with you.  After spending the week practicing heeling on your Heel-O-Matic, (I am the header in the team roping arena) my partner and I placed 2nd during the challenge.

After returning home the next weekend, I was trying out my new saddle on my doggin’ horse when my team roping horse got excited and severed his tendon.  We rushed him to our vet, Sam Hendrix, who did an amazing job on this serious injury.

Devastated without my great heading horse, I began trying to train my own horses and borrowing horses from different people.  Time was going by fast and it was time for the first Little Britches rodeo in Utah.  I borrowed a horse from my friend Kolbey Hughes.  That night they had a jackpot roping and Kolbey and I decided to switch places and for the first time, I was the heeler.  First time out I caught both heels, second time out I caught both heels, third time I legged.  I ended the night in second place as a heeler.

I am confident that the experience I had practicing on the Heel-O-Matic at the National Little Britches Finals Rodeo was all I needed to become a confident heeler with a better understanding as the header.

Thanks again for all that experience,

Parker J Cummings
2009 World Champion

Little Britches Finals Steer Wrestler


"Thank you so much. You would be amazed at the conversations our experience with the Heel O Matic has sparked with other married couples trying to figure out how to stay connected. We don’t have all the answers, but it will be 39 years in August. HOM is a factor in our fun!”

Chuck Schroeder
Executive Director
National Cowboy and Western Heritage Museum
Oklahoma City, OK


"We just love our Heel-O-Matic. We use it on all of our colts. Rio was a special case. He got hurt when he was younger, so was in his 5th year before we could rope on him. I had roped the Heel-O-Matic just a couple of times on him and was gone one day. A friend of my daughters came up and wanted to try it and he thought Rio was a broke rope horse, he picked it up that fast. We nominated him to the Cow Country Quarter Horse Assoc, so his colts can be in the Futurities. My daughters boyfriend, Kenny had 2 or 3 weeks to get him ready to compete in the 5 yr old futurity! He won 3rd place….I just wanted you to know what Heel-O-Matic has done for us.

Tammy Ward
RLB Git Er Dun Bueno (Rio)



"I am a #9 roper from Flambeau, South Dakota. I was a Hot Heels owner for many years until a friend brought a Heel-O-Matic to my arena to try. The very next day, I put my Hot Heels up for sale on Craigslist and bought a Heel-O-Matic.

A lot of people ask me what I have found to be the differences between the two machines. I thought I would share some of my thoughts with you:

1. LENGTH: One of the biggest differences between the two products is overall length of the machines. A Hot Heels is 3 times longer than a Heel-O-Matic, so it’s pretty easy to figure that it takes 3 times longer to make a corner while heeling. This gives Heel-O-Matic a huge advantage if you want to rope in indoor arenas that are not extra wide. When you put a Hot Heels into this environment, you will run it into the wall (and everything else). Also, I think being able to take a tighter, faster turn lets you recreate more challenging, authentic steer run patterns.

2. HITCH: The Hot Heels is towed with a rope. The Heel-O-Matic connects to the 4-wheeler with a metal hitch. This means when you slow the 4-wheeler down with a Heel-O-Matic, the machine immediately slows as well. Not so with the Hot Heels. This has a huge effect on being able to control the run. If you want to practice drills where the steer breaks fast, then slows way down, or slows at some point during the run, you’re going to have a tough time with the Hot Heels.

3. HEAD: The head on the Hot Heels bobs up and down, which some people may think is a good thing. In my experience, when the head comes up on the Hot Heels, you often rope a whole head when you actually would have roped it slick around the horns if it did not move. Also, if you watch an actual steer run, you’ll see that the nose and horns don’t bobble up and down, unless you’re dealing with a steer that’s really lame. I also prefer the action and reliability of the Heel-O-Matic quick-release horns.

4. LEGS: Leg motion is a huge deal for heelers. Again, watch an actual steer run. You’ll see their hips move in an almost circular, hopping motion, especially after they’re turned. In my opinion the patented Heel-O-Matic leg motion is much more accurate and similar to a live steer, as opposed to the Hot Heels “back and then up” leg motion. Another comparison is the shape of the legs. The Hot Heels drops straight to the ground from the hock, while the Heel-O-Matic flares out below the hock. This is important for two reasons: 1. Wider legs at the bottom challenge you to be more accurate with your rope placement. 2. With the hocks being the narrowest point on the back legs, that’s where your rope is going to tighten. That is why Heel-O-Matic placed the dally bar right between the hocks. You tighten your rope right on the dally bar, so these machines can seriously take a hard hit.

5. WHEEL VS. SLED: One of the most visible differences between the two machines is the large wheel on the front of the Hot Heels. The Heel-O-Matic has two smaller wheels for maneuvering, but nearly all the machine’s weight is carried on the “skis.” I think this makes the Heel-O-Matic pull smoother on a rough surface. It also doesn’t compact your arena down as bad. When the tire on that Hot Heels hits ruts, it can really make the machine bounce unrealistically.

6. REALISTIC: The Heel-O-Matic looks more like a real steer. The height, dimensions and movement are more accurate.

7. PORTABILITY: A Heel-O-Matic will haul easily in the back of a truck or a horse trailer. You just about need a semi flatbed to haul a Hot Heels. Portability is a big factor for me. I take mine with me to schools and put it in a divider in my trailer."


Casey Wilson


"We love our Heel O Matic…we named him P.A.T!!(for practice and training) He gets used by our family, our extended family and lots of our friends from kids to grown-ups! PAT is awesome!!”

Mandy Schofield  



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